About Apara

Our Story

Home. Playdates at the park. Business meetings. Brunch with friends. Evenings out. Your favorite coffee shop. Errands around town. Your feet take you everywhere you need to go. Make them more comfortable with products designed for you and your busy day.

Apara was created to bring comfort to every part of your day, no matter what shoes you’re wearing. From your reliable flats to those special occasion stilettos, apara has inserts, insoles, and more foot care accessories to help make all your favorite shoes more fun to wear. Accomplish everything on your to do list without having to worry about your feet!

shh… it’s our little secret

Apara shoe inserts and cushions are designed to provide discreet comfort in all styles of footwear. From work flats and heels to casual sandals and wedges, we make sure your style stays on point while you conquer each day. The best part is our clear gel and slim designs stay hidden in your shoes, so no one will know how you do it all. It’s our little secret.